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National School Social Work Week is always celebrated the first full week in March. 


 Submit your nomination for our Spotlight School Social Worker of the Month. Winner will be announced at the beginning of each month.

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TASSW Board Meeting

February 9, 2018
MNEA Building


Membership Dues

TASSW dues will be as followed:

Regular Members $30

Associate Members $15

Student Members $15

Retirees $15

TASSW combined with SSWAA membership

Regular Members   $125—-(TASSW $30, SSWAA $95)

Associate Members $110—(TASSW $15, SSWAA $95)

Student Members $75—( TASSW $15, SSWAA $60)

Retired Members $75—-(TASSW $15, SSWAA $60)

Current membership application (expires August 31) 2016-17 membership application-
 *After August 31, 2017 this will be the application you will need to use to update your membership Updated Membership app

SSWAA Membership

School Social Work Association of America’s EBell (electronic newsletter)   At the Delegate Assembly, they promised to send states a copy of  SSWAA’s Membership by State as well as data they had been provided by State Delegates or other state contacts regarding the number of members in your state association and estimates of how many School Social Workers (regardless of their actual title) are in each state.


 SWAA has recently finalized the National School Social Work Standards for  Social Emotional Learning  and a resolution statement on School Social Work and Common Core: Aligning Practice with National Standards.  That’s only the latest. See SSWAA Activity Update for all the great work being done by SSWAA to support School Social Workers nationally, locally and in your day to day practice.When you have some time, take a look around our website.  We have provided a plethora of resources to assist you in your day to day work with administrators, teachers, students, parents and communities.   Keep in mind, what you have access to is only a portion of the information and resources that are available if you are a SSWAA member.


SSWAA has been working hard over the last few months developing our New Website at  We hope you find it more user friendly and a source of valuable information and resources.   Please take some time to explore what it has to offer so far.   We will soon be able to provide our 16th National School Social Work Conference sm registrations on the website and will send you another EBlast when Registrations are open.

We Need Your Help:
1.  If you have not been a member for a while, you may not be able to Login until you have renewed your membership.  Please log in  and update your profile today!

2.  In order to serve you better, please also feel free to send us resources you think might be useful to share with others so that we can review for possible posting at 

Visit the website often as we continue to add information and updates!


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Licensure Process


Keep up to date on the State of Tennessee Social Worker Licensure process and forms.

State of Tennessee Board of Social Work



Current Legislation for our State


Social Work Legislation in the State of Tennessee





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Social Workers of the Year Award

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School Social Work History Website is a new website dedicated to preserving and sharing the history and literature of the visiting teacher / school social work movement. Within the site the literature is divided into three time periods (Early Era 1906-1955; New Skills Era 1956-1994; & Current Era 1995-present time).  For the first time in modern times the Bulletins of the National Association of School Social Workers (formerly the American Association of School Social Workers; American Association of Visiting Teachers and the National Association of Visiting Teachers) are found in one easily accessible place. The bulletins run from 1924-1955.   There is also a place for your state history documents.  Many, many thanks to Randy Fisher for compiling, organizing and making available these historic documents contributed by school social work leaders over time.   Read more. Graphics discovered and contributed  by Dr. Gary Lee Shaffer, UNC.