TASSW Scholarships

“Louise Mullican Memorial Scholarship”


Created in 1996, this scholarship was named after Louise Mullican, a school social worker from Rutherford County, who was a charter member of TASSW. This scholarship is funded by the proceeds from the Silent Auction held at each annual TASSW conference. The amount of this award has varied based upon the funds available. Applicant is either an undergraduate or graduate social work student with a specific interest in school social work, or a working school social worker seeking state licensure. Once application is made in April and selection by committee is made in May, the scholarship check is awarded in August and an award presentation is made at the TASSW conference in September.

The Scholarship committee Chair the year 2016-2017 is Shelonda Phillips-McDonald .  Please print off the application and make sure you send it completed by September 8, 2017 to the address listed on the bottom of the application.  Anything postmarked after September 8 ,2017 will not be accepted.     scholarship-app (3)

Previous scholarship recipients are partially listed below:

April Jones- University of Tennessee                                        2010

Eileen Woodside- MTSU                                                                2010

Samantha Rainey- University of Tennessee                            2009

Katie Cater- University of Tennessee                                        2008

Katie Ragon- University of Tennessee                                      2008

Allison Midden- University of Tennessee                                 2007

Randal Huff- University of Tennessee                                       2007

Briana Beckham- Knoxville                                                         2006

Lori Smith                                                                                        2005

Ashley Herrod                                                                                2005

Erin Gaines- Knoxville                                                                  2004

Misty Dockery- Sullivan County                                                 2004

Jennifer Williams- Nashville                                                      2003

Andrea Rushing- Nashville                                                         2003

Marilyn Goodman- Milan                                                             2002

Angela McHaney- Antioch                                                          2002

Jody McHugh-University of Tennessee- Knoxville               2002

Jinny Liedecker-Nashville                                                          2001

Sherri Simmons- Nashville                                                        2001

Catherine Bowers- Madison                                                      2000

Alice Gray- Chattanooga                                                             2000

Heather Honeycutt- Knoxville                                                    1999

Katie O’Farrell- Knoxville                                                            1997